Seriously, I don’t understand why we aren’t ruled by ants

That’s absolutely amazing, AND they have been this before out ancestors learned how to tie knots.


13 thoughts on “Seriously, I don’t understand why we aren’t ruled by ants

  1. …that video scared me shitless…

    well no, but it still scared me big time. going out to call people who didn’t go out parting to look at this now.

  2. LIES!

    My antsy nature tells me I need to rule the world and convert the entire world’s television from American reality shows and stupid family guy cartoons into all anime culture!

  3. Woah, this is quite amazing. It makes me think of this old video game I played a long time ago, called SimAnt. If I’m correct, the goal of the game was to drive a family of humans out of their house.

  4. I randomly remember something like ants can carry up to several times their own weight (50 times I think?).

    Also, I feel like ants are far more subterranean than us, so their range of travel is higher.

    There was some statement I heard before along the lines of we can’t live without insects but insects can live without humans.

    I vaguely remember there was something specific between insects and plants.

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