Angelic Lolita Monk

Ever since his first appearance in fate/stay night, our dear iinchou’s tsundere attitude has captured my heart… Alas, his role as the main character’s normal and uptight best friend has much too short. Ah, but those fleeting emotions has been returned with this absolutely DELICIOUS picture which has made me realize how epic Type Moon really is. Ah…it was so adorable when Issei got flustered when Emiya mentioned that he’s lonely without Rin…

Of course, at the above scene, I was laughing like Kyou got locked in the gym shed again. Nasu’s really amazing at comedy (I actually prefer Kagetsu Tohya over Tsukihime), and I WANT MORE ISSEI!

…This also happened with Reo in Pandora hearts and Gii in Sekien no Inganock…I guess I just have a thing for quiet guys with glasses…


6 thoughts on “Angelic Lolita Monk

  1. Wow, Issei makes an amazing girl! I agree with you on Issei, he was an interesting character, it’s a shame that there was so little of him.
    Oh no, this just made me think of THAT ending in Unlimited Blade Works. I personally think that was one of the creepiest parts in all of Fate/Stay Night.

  2. seriously… how much more can you spoil for me?

    anyway, i just watched the ending of Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann Lagann-hen, I have to say, it blew the story way out of original Tengen Toppa’s proportion. Everyone got a Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann (including Nia) and everyone’s tengen toppa gurren lagann combined into a giant Kamina godly being of spiral energy called


    Anyway, it was just blowing WAYYY out of original TTGL’s proportions. It’s amazing as an ending. The movie skipped through each episode like 5 minutes telling each episode’s storyline, and the last hour was spent retelling the last episode in epic proportions far more epic than original!

    Watch it and blo it!

  3. Choux! I’m sorry for hijacking your blog, but this is too interesting for you to NOT see. I posted this. (original Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann size from last episode) (Tengen Toppa Combination) (Chou Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann) (Nia!!!) (Simon overwhelmed with DBZ ma- I mean Spiral Madness!) (Simon vs Anti Spiral muscle brawl!)

  4. uhhhh… wtf?!? i played Fate/Stay Night normally, defeated rider. and unlike the anime, when i got kidnapped and saber and co. comes to save me, instead of saving me, i already got turned into a doll…

    and it says “Bad End”

    WTF?!?!? Where did the 15+ hours of my life just go?!?!?

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