Tomoe… Ashiteru!

If you don’t want spoilers for chapter 16 of Kamisama Hajimemashita stop reading NOW!

So while I was waiting for the cheese and broccoli quiche I had prepared to finish cooking I decided to see if there were any readable updates online. (It was yummylicous btw, tomorrow I will bake white chocolate, macadamia nut cupcakes.)

Lo and behold the wonderful, amazing people at aerandria had gotten chapter 16 of Kamisama Hajimemashita out.

I really do love Tomoe, he totally loses it when he finally locates Nanami. If you’ve read the preceding chapters, you’ll know she was spirited away by the snake familiar Mizuki, to become his wife!

Tomoe certainly is magnificent when he rages, but I think I enjoyed it more so this time, because it shows how much he cares for Nanami.

One can’t help but feel sorry for Mizuki though, being on the end of Tomoe’s rage, especially since he is so lonely. Which is a sore point for Tomoe who is not happy that Nanami promises her kidnapper to spend time with him if he should become lonely.

I think I also enjoyed seeing the explosive side to Tomoe this chapter, because we also got to see a little of his gentle side and finally a little of his feelings.

It was rather sweet when he noticed Nanami’s skinned knee and realized that she is human and therefore unlike himself fragile, so he decides he has to be careful not to break her.

We all knew it would happen at some point and of course Nanami is totally oblivious to it, since Tomoe hides behind a lot of bluster. But she’s finally wearing cracks in his snarky exterior and he’s really growing to have genuine feelings for her.

My day was made even better by two updates of Ashita no Ousama, maybe if I’m lucky there’ll be more Kimi ni Todoke soon.


7 thoughts on “Tomoe… Ashiteru!

    • Isn’t it?

      I sometimes think there is something wrong with me for appreciating stuff like that.

      I LOVE the way Hisaya Nakajo draws hair. She has this way of making it look so wispy and beautiful at times.

    • @ Kitsune, the quiche was yummy. Hopefully the cup cakes turn out as good!

      @ TheNewHorde, oh anything I drew would certainly be horrible my skills have degraded so much.

      But one of my goals was to go back to basics. I need to get off my ass and start with the practice. Here I come basic shapes!!!!!!!!

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