I am getting this sudden urge to fly to China and get myself a roasted potato (the right kind, roasted by the shabby old man with the rusty drum). The half black, blister filled red skin, the orange steamy soft goodness beneath… Damn it, I HATE how we don’t have those snack stands in North America (ah, my flat breads, my miniature yams, my carrot cakes, my stuffed lotus roots, my dumplings, my other dumplings, my other other dumplings, my other other other dumpings, my kabobs, my BELOVED CHINESE STREET FOOD!!!!!!)

Seriously, this is cold enough for it too. Whose barbecue am I going to have to steal to get my potato?

P.S.: I want to kill Shirou. Just because a girl has a small chest DOESN’T mean she won’t get sore in the back and shoulders!



  1. Haahha what a concidence I just bought 2 sweet potatoes but they arent the red skinned kind but gotta make do right ^_~ woot I ‘ll prolly make em tomm you totally got me in the mood to make those right now lol … even tho I shouldnt haha

  2. ahhh… 6 AM in the morning, i can’t play anymore, because my roommate is still sleeping in the room and my moniter is facing towards the room.

    finally hit the first h-scene, where Shirou has to “give” his magical source through usage of uh…


    wow, this is hard to say.

    …magus sperm.

  3. Damnit Choux, I was trying so hard not to think of how long it has been since my last time at a Chinese breakfast street vender, *sniffle*

    Shirou’s magus sperm are dragons, apparently. Case solved.

  4. “P.S.: I want to kill Shirou. Just because a girl has a small chest DOESN’T mean she won’t get sore in the back and shoulders!”

    Shirou did Tousaka?

    Oh I want to kill him just for that… seriously?

    • He did, but that wasn’t the point. The point’s that Rin had sore shoulders and asked him for a massage, and he was mumbling about how he didn’t think she’d need it, but Sakura definitely did. While I do have friend with back pain issues since puberty (she’s a DD or something), that DOES NOT mean that someone as flat (or flatter) than Rin doesn’t need a massage once in a while.

  5. massaging a girl…

    oh my god, the very thought of that…


    well, it only applies if it’s the target is someone like Rin. omg, why am i picturing Rin in my head right now!


    STOP CORRUPTING MY VIRGIN MIND! (oh wait, that’s a lie. My mind is a total otaku mind… ok, virgin body then…)

    Uh… just curious. Does girls find otaku kinda creepy in real life? In fact, how do you girls see otaku?

    • Ah, but how do you define Otaku? I wouldn’t say that the term is as connected with hyper-sexualization as you deem it to be.
      I find it creepy when it’s stuff like this, but that extends beyond what otaku is. I can’t speak for all girls, but as far as I can tell you’re pretty normal, but then again I might not be a good judge of that kind of thing.

      • I think the fact that Choux blogs on similar content and already sees the good points of the niche medium (art, story, etc) makes her unaffected by certain behaviour.

        In terms of the term itself I think there are far too many variations of it. Thus the range is much too large to really specify.

    • athor?
      F/SN is written by Kinoko Nasu, who’s Japanese.
      I played F/SN in English, with the mirror moon patch.
      However, I’m playing Fate/Hollow Ataraxia in Chinese.

      That naked Rider picture is from F/HA (a fandisc/spin off/alternate reality/continuation kind of thing).

  6. ughhhhh a warning would be nice (18+ btw)

    I think it’s probably from fha, don’t recall the scene in fsn, but then again it’s not really the type of scenes I pay attention to….

  7. it’s not really 18+ since it’s all covered.

    in fact, i find it more covering than most teenage girl swimwear nowadays…

    anyway, not only did I receive bad end, I just received dead end…

  8. yo Choux, next make a blog on an anime or something!

    i just watched Darker Than Black OVA, it’s like the first and only DTB that actually reveals stuff than gives the audience more confusion.

      • gah… any smartass comment i had in mind for your retort just evaporated when i read “P.S.: I want to kill Shirou. Just because a girl has a small chest DOESN’T mean she won’t get sore in the back and shoulders!” again.

        Tohsaka having sex till her back and shoulder sores…

        i’ve always thought i was rather feminine in terms of personality and body built in that i am smaller and much more fragile than most man and i am sophisticated and uses the mind much more than my muscles. i always mentally concluded myself as being more of a woman than a man.

        ……until Choux’s blog post “P.S.: I want to kill Shirou. Just because a girl has a small chest DOESN’T mean she won’t get sore in the back and shoulders!”

        I realized how much of a man I truly am when I keep reacting to that sentence…

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