Amaterasu is translating Muvluv and Alternative

AKA the game that everyone loves but no one has really tried to translate, sitting very much alone (with Steins;Gate) at the top of the list at erogamescape, on top of many, many VNs that has been translated. Until now. Needless to say I’ll be looking forward to this (you all remember my love for giant mechs and end-of-the-world story lines, right?). He’ll be going at 20kb/day, which in my experience does take a good chunk of time. However Muvluv’s some what…extreme length will take quite a while to get through, so I’ll be looking forward to this in 2012. Go and tell him how much you love him, go.


5 thoughts on “Amaterasu is translating Muvluv and Alternative

  1. I personally uses the mean rather than medium and discard the less popular releases when I look at EGS scores (I mean, the other version of MuvLuv only has 10x more ratings), but I am looking forward to it nonetheless. While remaining cautiously optimistic since blending school and post-apocalypse mecha as the 2 most cliche settings ever is about…. as cliche as it gets

    on a totally random and unrelated note, it took me 20 something odds tries to successfully register an unused name in order to get rid of that stupid smiley face avatar….

  2. Definitely looks like something to look forward to.

    Of course I was one who wanted Rui wa Tomo wo Yobu due to the protagonist trap and its emphasis on character interaction (and extremely difficult kanji denoting word play).

    20kb/day is rather impressive, as to do that for that kind of length and duration.

  3. I fell asleep reading Muvluv, but I’ll tune in for Alternative, maybe. The way I like doom and gloom stories is that it has to be a human desire/mistake, I usually get bored if it’s some super thing made up for the sake of making everyone’s lives terrible. Which is the case for Alternative if memory serves, correct me if I’m wrong.

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