I should have known that my computer’s too crappy to run this game…


17 thoughts on “OF COURSE!

    • Exactly. The only emulators that exist are maybe capable of running 3-4 specific games, and that’s it.
      So it’s not the crappy computer, it’s the crappy software 😀

  1. Where did you buy or download it? I thought it just got released (unless you live in Taiwan, in which case I guess I’m shit out of luck)

  2. So am I to assume that T-Time did a very bad job in porting a PS2 game to PC again? Given their track record with their programming skills, I am not the least surprised

  3. Wasn’t the original game at 800 x 600? Somehow T-Time is able to release it as widescreen, and if the CG does remain crisp and clear, I have to say I would be quite impressed

    Is the game 1280 x 800 by default? I don’t see any settings to toggle the resolution in the options menu…

    • No, I’m pretty sure that the xbox360 version is just supposed to be widescreen (the original PC version IS 800×600 though). You CAN’T toggle the resolutions (apparently they’re still working on that). I managed to run it on another computer, and while I still can’t say that T-time has a good programmer, it’s actually pretty decent.

  4. it basically seems to be a straight port with mouse and keyboard support enabled. no resolution or even full screen toggle. otherwise, the system seems pretty good, decent translation quality (well, godly if we are comparing to western companies like mangagamer and peach princess)

    the game works on my laptop right after install, have you tried the update?

    • The update wouldn’t work for some reason, but it only addresses things like subtitles and video cut-off, so I don’t think it’ll help in this case. I think that the 11eyes people just have a thing against me, I tried to play the original PC version and all I got was this.

  5. Have you tried compatibility modes like disabling desktop composition or visual schemes? I’m pretty sure your gpu is capable enough since I’m using an integrated video card

    If its driver then good luck lol

    • My CPUs fine, but I have an integrated video card too. The game workd on a computer that has worse specs in every department but video, so it has to be the card. I’m blaming how cheap my family was when they got my computer (good news is I’m getting a new computer soon enough, and unless I suffer from some horrible condition that prevents me from having a say in it’s getting a decent video card and quad core).

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