Happy birthday to me…

I think I’m the same age as Sacchin now, though I’m not exactly sure because they never really mention her age, and all we know is that she’s in the second year of high school. I can’t be sure about what that means for her age because the semester arrangement is different in Japan, and I’m not sure if they’re earlier or later than in North America. If it’s later, then I’m the same age as her when she died, probably.

I’m just rambling on because birthdays gives me that odd feeling. It’s kind of like looking at a picture that’s really pretty and thinking “oh, it’s fine, I’m younger than that artist, when I’m that age I’ll be just as good”, then realizing that you’re NOT younger anymore.

So the thought of impending doom that comes with being older is kind of hanging over my head…


40 thoughts on “Happy birthday to me…

  1. A second-year-higshchool student in our country is 13 years old or something..

    Well Happy Birthday! Age is just a number y’know.

    • I AM canadian, but this blog isn’t in Pacific time. I have no idea how to change that (it’s probably in Hoshi’s timezone, since she’s the one who registered it, but she left already so I can’t really ask her).

  2. Happy Birthday Choux!

    You’re only as old as you feel ^-^ So don’t feel down but enjoy your birthday. Besides you’re born in the best month, February rocks!

    You can change the Timezone settings from the Dashboard, I changed it to Eastern, so it should only be 3 hours off of Pacifc.

    If you want to change it to Pacific, just set it to -8 UTC.

  3. What!? Its your birthday!? How so soon!
    I dont even have a birthday present for you /0A0\ [[oh no
    i;ll say HAppy Birthday first…….
    now, ..if this happened a few months ago, i would probably
    if not for sure draw something for you…but now i am stuck and i left my comic alone, i had interest in playing some web games but stopped because i sucked so much – -, i have no more interest in my blog..and i just dont know what to do with the internet anymore, so i guess i;ll have to say no drawing for you…..OTZ
    i might come more often since i dont have anything to do resently /_\ at least thats a good thing….right?

    oh and i forgot to mention the most important thing, your drawing is great!love the expression XD, and HUGE step for finelining and i like how you color. It looks pretty with the neat lines eh?

    AND yes i totally agree with the “Oh its okay cus im still young ” and then realize that youre NOT anymore thingy….
    – -sigh..
    maybe next time i should think about what i want to say before i type it in and submit so i dont have to post three commments /_\||

    • Okay, you’ve been hanging out with Chinese people for too long, look at what you wrote! And don’t worry, I don’t have a present for you either lol.
      THAT’S NOT A GOOD THING! It’s never good to give up (that’s why I draw for other people, they give me motivation to keep drawing).
      But, in your case, you might want to try something new (even though that would pain me greatly because the story just got SO adorable).
      Don’t worry about commenting, I can edit it.

      • okay, i’ll try and continue with the story, i dont want to start anything new either- -. Wow you can make my comments into a big one,thats cool, lol

  4. Happy 17th birthday Choux.

    The impending doom of getting older already hit me.

    However a birthday should always (hopefully) be a day one is happy to undergo because it is a good celebration.

  5. lol we gotta have some fun can you believe it we are getting older!! its the resposibility axe hanging above for me… NOW I CAN SAY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! ^^ HURAAY *hands a creamy whip cream covered cupcake with a candle on top to you *

  6. Guess I’m kind of late buthappy birthday

    I think second year high school is usually 10th or 11th year if you start counting from elementary school…. probably 14-17 depending on the schoolyear system and stuff?

  7. A bit late but… Happy birthday~!

    Ignore the numbers, it’s what you feel like that determines one’s age. At the same time, progress made during the year is far more important than one’s ability in respect to age.

    Besides, you’re absurdly young anyways it makes people jealous =9

  8. Er, this is why I should check my feed reader every day. Happy belated birthday! ^^;

    Also, before I forget:

    I’m just rambling on because birthdays gives me that odd feeling. It’s kind of like looking at a picture that’s really pretty and thinking “oh, it’s fine, I’m younger than that artist, when I’m that age I’ll be just as good”, then realizing that you’re NOT younger anymore.

    Story of my life! I used to idolize some of the seniors at school back when I first started thinking about aniblogging, and one of the bloggers who influenced me the most was around my age now when I first started writing. It can be discouraging, but don’t give up! As long as you keep raising the bar and don’t slack off, everything will be fine (I hope) 😛

    • But your pictures are so pretty! I’d feel really honored if I could work with you or something (though if I’d have to work really hard to match them if they’re anything close to Errand Heart quality…)

      Besides, those god-level people makes people depressed, not matter what their ages are.

    • i am only capable of basic character drawings (like really basic), and still learning on drawing methods from Choux here.

      I’ve seen your background, I can’t hope to jump the gun and ask you straight on how to draw backgrounds like you, but I would like to know how to do colorful backgrounds like this. http://bomadeno.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2009/10/megurine_luka-vocaloid.jpg

      I have a drawing I am currently working on that needs a background.

  9. A couple days late, but happy birthday Choux! Must be your 17th, right? Well, if you’re using the Japanese schooling system. We usually consider high school from 9-12 over here, at least where I live. You’re still very young, don’t feel impending doom yet! Although, I have to admit, I know how you feel. When I turn older, it makes me realizes how little I’ve done with my life sometimes. By the way, I’m 15, so don’t feel weird about your age or anything.

    • Ah… I remember when I was 15…you know, a LOT can happen in 2 years (I know I’m a different person than I was back then), and the amount of stuff you have to do changes exponentially with time.
      Also, your age leads me to question: do you pay for the eroges you play? (I don’t, by the way).

      • That is definitely the case with me too. I’m completely different than I was at 13, not even close. I suppose I am a lot busier too. And, no, I don’t pay for them. I don’t really know how I would get them, unless I had a friend or older sibling who could buy them for me, which I don’t.

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