Carnelian, GOOD JOB

For those who do not have friends who religiously follow Carnelian, she is the main artist for Orbit‘s new game, Para-sol. Know why I like her? Because she can draw cute girls and really, REALLY hot guys. Plus her shoutas are adorable. The video was well done to boot, it’s rare to see animation that’s so nicely done AND stays true to the original character designs (that last scene, starting from 1:45, was really nice).

Well, chances are I’ll never be able to play this game, but more Carnelian is never a bad thing, so I’ll be looking forward to when it comes out so I can collect the CGs~


6 thoughts on “Carnelian, GOOD JOB

  1. That pic near the end almost makes this feel like a yuri visnov lol; not that I’d be complaining.

    The guys’ artwork is sure nice. So much better when the male cast gets some designs that isn’t bland and outright ‘average’.

  2. I am definitely looking forward to this game, damn delays D:! Girls look cute as usual, but this time the male lead looks manly.

    I’m not sure if I prefer the sharp chins or a more squared off chin for bishounen. Something like TYPEMOON’s Takeuchi’s males may be considered bishounen with squared off chins (at least I think they look good but I’m not a lady). Thoughts on squared chins or sharp triangular chins?

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