Fate/Hollow Ataraxia review


Okay, so a long time ago a Chinese translation group came out with a patch for this little game. You know, the continuation/fandisc to FATE/STAY NIGHT, which is possibly the most popular VN in the English.  Needless to say, I also loved F/SN, so the only thing that stopped me from playing it then was the fact that it wasn’t a complete translation (only 90-something% done). Well, last week I decided to go and play it anyway. And I loved it. I loved the banter, the comedy, the art, the back stories, the everything.

Seriously, I love TYPE MOON for their fandiscs.

Premise: The characters from F/SN are BACK! This time, everyone’s stuck in a time loop that only our main character notices, and a whole bunch of ridiculous things that couldn’t have happened otherwise is happening. Your goal: to go through the 4 repeating days and collect all the stories. What? You want to just get out of the time loop and see the serious plot? Boo! Where’s the fun in that?


Think Kagetsu Tohya, but with F/SN. Think F/SN, but more comedy. If you have no idea what I’m talking about go and play the other Type-moon games first. The few battles are still epic, and the story does dive into more serious plot here and there, but the majority of the story’s still lighthearted. Every character is poked fun at, from Sakura’s evil-ness, to Saber’s love for food, to Goldie’s extravagant lifestyle. That said, the serious back story was really well done and woven nicely into the little stories.

Please note that this is a separate world from F/SN proper, as all the characters show up and characters have knowledge of things that the reader would know but they themselves would not.

Every morning and after noon (game time), you can choose to go and view an event within the city. The events that you haven’t seen yet and events that are important are marked, with a complex system allowing some events to unlock others. Key scenes trigger “Flags”, and when you collect all the flags you will be able to see the true ending.

The one problem I have with the system is that sometimes you’ll to go a serious scene, then next you’ll immediately go to happy everyday events. It kind of disrupts the flow (if there even IS a flow in this game), and gives a jarring feeling.


Awesome moments include:

Evil Rin+Evil Sakura mega combo!

Saber’s new clothes! Rider’s new clothes!

Dark saber!

Kickass maid! (Hmm…that guy’s maid fetish is just going to continue forever, isn’t it?)

Rider’s past! (Her sisters are made of win)

Issei cross dressing! (How on earth did they this was EXACTLY what I wanted?)


And did I mention evil Sakura?

———————————–SPOILERS OVER!——————————-


There’s an abundance of new graphics, from SDCG, to character art, to event CGs. Yes, I AM biased for Takeuchi Takashi, but they’re all so PRETTY! Plus there really is a ridiculous amount of good art, and if you think about how old this game is it’s really awe inspiring.


Well, the music suits the atmosphere, and it’s all new, but aside from that I can’t really say anything good about them. It’s not voiced either.


Awesome. It’s nice to use and has a lot of extra stuff. Everything moves, and there’s plenty of special effects. In fact, that one epic battle at the bridge almost felt animated. We get little goodies like unlockable wallpapers and character design sheets, plus 2 addicting little minigames.

Sob…why aren’t other games animated as much as this one?


Art: 10×3=10/30

Music: 5/10

Programming: 10/10

Total: 95/100 A+

A really, really fun fandisc. Go and play it, simple as that.


36 thoughts on “Fate/Hollow Ataraxia review

  1. I’ve never played F/SN. I always thought it was untranslated in English so I never got the chance.

    Since I’m living in the states its hard to get any Visual Novels, the best one I’ve read in a long time was “Ever17 -the out of infinity-“.

    But, sadly, it stopped with that in mid-2009.

    • It was translated into English years ago, just not commercially, that’s all. Get the patch here. Ever17 is one of the best in English, scratch that, it’s one of the best, period. But, there are other titles that can match it, and the English VN definitely has more than one worthy title. Off of the top of my head I can also recommend Umineko no naku koro ni and Sharin no kuni himawari no shoujo.

    • There are only 2 fate games for the PC (there’s the arcade game fate/unlimited codes and fate/tiger Colosseum, but those don’t matter much). There’s a translation project for Ataraxia too, and they’ve even released a patch, so you’re not missing out (well, we’d all be missing out when fate/extra comes out).

  2. hey, since i have a roommate who listens to rap and doesn’t know a thing about anime.

    would you please warn me when there are h-scenes that i can save beforehand so i know when to stop and play when he’s gone?

    i’m currently in Unlimited Blade Works where Touhsaka decides to live with me and Archer just fixed my left side.

    Btw, I LOVE RIDER. her new outfit, her new looks! AHHHH!

    (Rider is like 150% my type. Rider is my type to the extreme! I wish she was my heroic spirit [but then that means i have to participate in the war, which I rather not…].)

    btw, is the fan disc made by type-moon as well?

    • UBW only has one H-scene, and it comes with a clear enough warning.

      The third route has quite a few more, and I’ll see if I can look up when they are, and describe when they happen w/o spoilers.

    • You won’t miss much. There are a couple of untranslated lines here and there, the menus are still in Japanese. The only scenes that are completely untranslated are the h-scenes and this love detective thing with Rin’s classmates.

  3. The serious aspects sound like it might be actually worth playing, except for the fact I’ve utterly spoiled myself on the contents. The rest of it sounds like some kind character fandisk with a dating-sim touch.

    I wonder how goes FHA’s theme and motif use, which I think is what made FSN really stand out after all…

  4. i always dreams of Archer shooting his swords like Gilgamesh for years.

    My dream came true in Unlimited Blade Works today. They said to meet in the mention, I bet that’s where the movie scene takes place.

  5. hmm… i finally killed Archer… but i liked Archer…

    the transferring of magic with Rin was intense though, I had to stop twice during that part because i couldn’t handle it.

    i’m the type to read through every line and sentence word by word, so that scene was brutally long…

  6. i just finished Unlimited Blade Works. But I haven’t figured out how to get to Heaven’s Feel path yet.

    Listening to Fate Hollow Ataraxia theme song, it’s very nice and addicting.thought u might be highly interested in this. Fate Colosseum, it looks great to me.

    • You should start over from the beginning (right after the prologue) and get as many Sakura points as possible. It’s there in the flowchart.
      Yeah, I knew about the video for a while now. It does look great, doesn’t it? Too bad we’ll never be able to play it save for some kind of miracle.


        Hello I just got fate/hollow Ataraxia but have been unable to enjoy it as i dont know much Japanese i was wondering if the tranaslation at sumisora is form japanese to chinese or from japanese to english?

      • …yeah…the spam filter’s not the best in the world…
        Sumisora’s a Chinese forum, but if you want a english translation you can go here (it’s not even 1/3 done though).
        I have no idea how to install a xp3 file (which is why I played F/SN in english), but that should be the file for F/SN, not ataraxia. The Chinese Ataraxia patch comes with 3 files and an instruction file. Just copy everything to the game folder and run FateFD.exe

  7. Loved f/sn except for Heaven’s feel. That route infuriated me to a level I never thought possible.

    So here’s my question, do you think I can still enjoy f/ha even if one the main heroines is a slut who is annoying as fuck? Or should I just ignore this game all together because I don’t want to waste my money on something that will only enrage me again.

    • I liked Sakura, so I’m not too sure, but you didn’t mind her in the other paths, right? F/HA focuses a lot on minor characters and character to character intersections, there’s less 1 on 1 focus on the main heroines than you’d expect. I’d suggest that you do get it, and just skip through the Sakura scenes (they’re clearly marked out, so it’s easy).

  8. I just hope there isn’t a disgusting focus on Sakura as was the case with Heaven’s Feel.

    Thanks for the feedback anyway.

    • Seriously, you faker…

      Please stop using my name and making anti-Sakura posts…I don’t care whether you think the name is cool or not…and before you say that it was a coincidence, that name is way too unique to have not been copied.

      Altima from Beast’s Lair here. I have actually played Hollow, and there isn’t that much of a focus on Sakura actually. Though I wish there was….

  9. I’m a fan of Caster (Medea) 😀

    Do you have a list of medea’s picture?

    And I like the UBW route

    The Fate and HF route made me crazy!!! Don’t care about the H scene, coz I’m no pervert.

    I forgot…

    Do you have the F/SN UBW route movie???

    Where can I download it?

    Thank you!

    • I don’t know what you mean by list. There aren’t any HCGs of her, as far as I can remember, so you don’t need to worry. As far as normal CGs go, there are very few CGs, and only 1 that actually shows her face (I think), so it might not be worth the effort. I don’t have the CG packs myself, but you should be able to find a pack easily enough. If you’re talking about the standing cgs/paper dolls/whatever, then you’ll have to extract it yourself from the game data (the simplest tool is ExtractData.exe). I don’t have the movies either (didn’t see the point). But I’m pretty sure it’s on youtube, you can use one of those rip sites or whatever you want.

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