They all look the same after a while…

I see a gothic lolita Kyonko, Manaka from Toheart2, the Fujibayashi twins, Hayami from H2O, Yukine from Clannad, Aka-chan without a ribbon, etc etc etc.

This is from an upcoming game, Subarashiki Hibi. The story’s by Sca-ji, the writer of H2O, which means that I won’t play it unless some kind of miracle happens and he redeems himself in my eyes. I’ll still get the CG packs though, the art looks really nice (especially since I’m going through a Kagome phase right now).

Pretty, right?


17 thoughts on “They all look the same after a while…

  1. Yuri banzai! I get Kagome and Nagomiko mixed up sometimes.

    The story sounds weird, I don’t know how much I’ll enjoy changing perspectives, no doubt there will be some wimpy person you’ll have to suffer through.

  2. You do realize the twins in that game are literally named Tsukasa and Kagami, right? This mere fact cracks me up.

    There’s also a Jabberwocky II at 1:16.

    I don’t really see the Yukine from Clannad variant (you probably were referring to the image of the long brown haired girl smiling at 0:26 with tears). The rest though, I see your point quite clearly. The trial version mostly had emphasis on the first four characters (the ones that look like kyonko, hayami, and the twins).

    I get confused by which artist drew which game. I mean, you stated the game is written by sca-ji, who did H2O, which was done by game company Makura, which Inugami Kira did some of the art for, who probably didn’t do the character designs for this game.

    Of course I get confused by parent companies and subsidiaries and alternative names. In this case, I’m rather clueless. That and similar drawing styles, which you already made a topic about before in a previous blog post.

    I’d play this too if it had an interesting trap. H2O had flaws, but Hamaji wasn’t exactly a downside.

    • I can’t believe I forgot about their names, I was planning to talk about that.
      I just compared the characters from an older scan, and found out that they changed a girl’s hair color. The blue haired girl used to have brown hair and I swear she looks just like Yukine.
      The company is KEROQ, which is Makurasoft’s sister company. The artists for this game are Kagome (also worked on H2O), Karory (also worked on Supereme Candy), Motoyon (H2O and a bunch of other stuff with Sca-ji), and Suzuri (also on H2O).
      …it’s come to the point where when they draw official art there’s no way for me to tell them apart anymore (though they do have a slightly more different style for their own stuff).
      Me three on the trap! Hamaji was the best part of H2O.

      • There was a blue haired girl? Rather I should be asking if you still have the link to the old scan. Then I can go “oh, that really does look like Yukine.” I mean a brown haired girl is common but a Yukine look-alike is really rare (eyes open that is. eyes closed is un-rare).

        Yeah I didn’t remember KeroQ’s relationship to Makura. I’m like it didn’t look like parent company or vice versa. Yeah I noticed upon watching it again it does mention the four artists, it’s just that only Karory is stated in English. (For that same reason there’s no Inugami Kira.) The art’s good, no question about that.

        But yeah, although a lot of characters look the same, it’s easy to recognize them. Of course that would catch my attention. It’s like wait, Manaka? Yukine? (Favourites from each respective game). And then that Yuki character who looks like a Kyonko but is trap (or I don’t know, the premise confused me, but you do at least have first person voice dialogue).

        At least Karory and the bunch draw well. Can’t complain visually, ever. [Like you said, the story may be a weak end which if bad enough, ruins the overall impression of the game.] Again, spawn a mediocre/decent game but a really good/interesting trap (I already said too often Hamaji is my absolute favourite VN character). So it’s like … well, I wouldn’t mind that again, certainly. Weird how good traps spawn from decent VNs (like 7/10 types).

        I think someone stated that this game has a … sad (suicide specifically) premise, so I’m not really expecting humor (which is a trap’s strength.) H2O’s weak end? Um, hours of emo-ness and such?

        Wait, if it’s on the emo spectrum, then the character comparison is odd. (Kyonko? Humor/Fun/Cute. Manaka? Cute. Yukine? Uh. Twins? The Lucky Star ones aren’t emo.) It’s almost like a dire mismatch already.

        I’ll still give this a shot. The trial was amusing to say the least. Because of the story being a bit weird, I have difficulty actually generalizing it at all.

        Now imagine the second girl with a warmer palette .

        I think she’s an actual girl (you can never be sure though.

        I think that it’s weirder how there are so many eroge guys who look better than otome game guys. With traps, well, it started with that whole pseudo lesbian thing, didn’t it? I think it’s solid proof that men don’t want to be masculine if they have to.

        I scanned through the trial (Japanese’s not good enough to look at it in detail), and as far as I can tell it has that same vibe as H2O, you know, that… disfigured feeling. Kind of like when I saw treasure planet (that Disney movie that no one cared about) and it just didn’t feel right.

      • Hm I see your palette point. Interesting how the Yukine impression occurred despite needing to imagine the warmer palette. I mean I can understand hairstyle, which is usually a distinguishing feature. Yukine is also generally rarer due to being a secondary character (the other girls you mentioned can be seen so much easier, via more art and such).

        Regarding otome game guys, well from what I’ve seen is that there’s a certain designation and a general typing to them. The trap Sae in that otome game I looked at was amusing though since the protag was a girl, the perspective and reasons varied.

        I forgot when the concept of trap started (though my definition of it is quite limited, and I’m only looking at recent VN traps with a certain height range). I only noticed the recent flair in 2008 due to Hamaji (Otoboku’s Mizuho didn’t entirely count because of conditional infiltration and the initial rejection of the concept.) I thought the spike of popularity for traps was generated from Jun, who is gay, which is anything but pseudo-lesbian. Then again using a Mizuho perspective makes it indeed pseudo-lesbian (and otoboku was released before happiness).

        Disfigured feeling sounds about right in regards to the game.

  3. random, but.

    Baka to test to Shuukanjuu episode 7, from 22:10 to 22:13 is the best three seconds of animation i have ever seen in an anime. i fell in love instantly.

    amazing animation, top quality.

    • Btw seriously, its not a YURI/shoujo-ai based game like what many thinks it is, it’s more of a denpa serious mindfuck game. In fact, theres a slight yaoi scene in there too, to add it up, KeroQ likes rape so…

      Yet the story of this game is pure genius, enough to cover up for the dislike of twisted H scenes for me and you.

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