The best little mermaid ever

In your face, Disney!

The translation’s after the skip.

[Part 1] 0:35
The Sea Witch, please make my wish come true.
You ignore me? How dare you! Fire!
You idiot! Who on earth asks a favor with a bazooka?
A loving girl is blind.
Hmm, Who is it then, Princess?
It’s the Prince in the castle on the land.

[Part 2] 0:57
Let me ask you straight. Is there a potion
that makes us get married?
Of course, no. That’s too strightforward.
First, think about how to get to the castle
and get near him.
I wanna get to the castle and see him, but…
I have No Dress to wear.
You’re worried about THAT?

[Part 3] 1:09
How are you going to the castle, Princess?
I’m swimming, ’cause I’m a mermaid.
It’s about 10 km from the beach to the castle.
Then I’ll warp or something…
Be serious. I’ll get angry.

[Part 4] 1:28
I wish there was a potion that gives me legs.
I have one, “The potion that gives legs”.
Wow, looks so fishy…!
Please give me that.
Hmm, yes, but I can’t give you this for nothing.
Wow, you mean it.

[Part 5] 1:54
Wait for me, My Prince.

Wha… WHAT?
I sure have legs, but I didn’t expect this.
But I’ll never give up until I see him!

[Part 6] 2:19
My legs hurt.
Ouch, it hurts!
You scraped your knee. I know a magic spell
that makes you feel better.
“Your pain, Your pain, Go (fly) Away!”
Thank you, Octopus, is there anything
I can do for you?
I wanna go to the castle.

[Part 7]  2:44
Umm… I have a stomach ache.
Wow, Octopus, please.
“Your pain, Your pain, Go Away!”
Thanks, you saved me. Anything I can do for you?
Huh, I’ve got a head ache. I’m not gifted in music.
“Go Away!”

[Part 8] 3:33
We’ve arrived at Prince Kito’s castle.
Where is the prince?
We can’t get in here. The guards will stop us.
They look kinda busy. This is our chance.

[Part 9] 3:51
Hey, stop, you suspicios-looking girls.
You can’t come in here ’cause we have some problem.
Oh, no. Please let us go inside.
I’ve come to see the prince.
Sorry, no. It’s the rule.
Oh, please, don’t say, “No”.
Don’t say such a thing. Let us go.
What color is your blood?
Please go inside.

[Part 10] 4:16
Tell you the truth, the prince is seriously ill.
He became like this when suddenly “pains” fell
on him from the sky.
Well, the Sea Witch might know how to save him.
Help, the Sea Witch!

[Part 11] 4:38
Aw, it’s too late.
Oh, no…!
There’s only one way. Give him legendary
PINK OCTOPUS meat, then you can save him.
If I can save him with my life, I’m very happy.
Oh, this is the very girl I’ve been looking for.

[Part 12] 5:05
Then the mermaid who got beautiful legs got married
to the prince who liked beautiful legs and they lived
Happily Ever After.


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