Some piano for you

You know, there are a lot of piano covers of songs floating around on youtube. Most of them I do not like (either because the notes are off or more often because the rhythm is off). However, Dimemanico2’s covers are just fantastic.

You know, I forgot how much I love Parfait chocolate second brew until I heard this.

Here’s the Kara no shoujo opening

And the volume 7 opening


And the Baldr sky opening

And the Cartagra opening

And the Kanisino opening

And the Ef opening

And of course, you can’t forget Sanarara

There’s a lot more stuff on his channel. Now, if only he would make some sheet music and post them it’d be perfect.


5 thoughts on “Some piano for you

  1. You can see that Josh Agarrago is better than this guy if you listen them playing the same things back-to-back. For one thing, he is having trouble keeping the rhythm. BTW, he used Josh’s sheet music according to descriptions of some videos.

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