I need to read manga more often

Reason #1: When I stop reading manga, I stop reading all manga, then I won’t read stuff like this. (Hmm…I actually haven’t seen a shounen power-up for a while… Curious how they’re annoying when they’re right in your face but you get to miss them after a while.)

Reason #2: Otherwise, I won’t see the new characters that pop up (this guy reminds me of a certain character from Fruits basket until I realized what kind of person he really is).

Reason #3: Sasha is REALLY cute. He is the sole reason I’m reading seikon no qwaser and living proof that moe sells.

Reason #4: When I don’t read as much, I get really, REALLY behind. For instance, I’m so behind on Negima right now the sheer thought of catching up is frightening…


5 thoughts on “I need to read manga more often

  1. In the case of Negima, at least, it is definitely worth it to catch up.

    And with his break schedule, once you’ve caught up, it will be difficult to fall behind…

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