Yosuga no Sora partial english patch

Yes, that game with the pretty pictures has been partially translated (but not checked, edited, tested, etc etc).

Get it here. Cheer them on! We might get a full patch soon.

Update: It’s dead. If you want the patch they put out (which is a rough translation of Kazuha’s route, here.



25 thoughts on “Yosuga no Sora partial english patch

    • Oh,er……
      I hope it is not too late……
      Chinese patch may be released in recent months.maybe in September or October…….
      Because many things have happened(You know free translation is often a lot of problems).now, the most words have been translated.

      oh,my god.My English is too bad……..

      • 没关系,看得懂就可以了~

  1. awesome! your guys did a wonderful job! i’m juz waiting for the full patch…..hopefully the chinese patch will release soon….

  2. my japanese is good but not at reading i dont like how this pathetic copyright shit stopped all the fan translations its no fair to those that aint from japan

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