I curse them

First of all, Minami is just adorable.

Second of all, WHY OH WHY DO THOSE EROGE WRITERS LOVE FOOD SO MUCH? In Yoake mae whatever it was, F/SN, Jingai Makyou, etc etc etc, there are all a LOT of descriptions of food. Now, in Asuseka, the girls actually hold a cooking contest. Do you know what they made? Yuuhi made hamburgers, corn soup, and potato salad. Asahi made stewed beef and potatoes, miso soup, and this Korean steamed tea dish. Aoba had hand made udon, along with more hand made pork buns and red bean buns. Minami made fried chicken, croquettes, and stuffed lettuce rolls.

I curse you, you writers…you and your ability to make me drool with hunger… These stories should come with the dishes they describe! At the very least, they should include recipes… Now excuse me, I’m off to get some food.


One thought on “I curse them

  1. At least you’re not watching Yumeiro Patissiere (I’m presuming), which is definitely trying to make its audience fat 😮

    But I mean, Visual Novels have to be describing something with all its spare fluff. Books spend most of their time describing characters and surroundings, but the CGs take care of the bulk of that in visnovs and excessive text descriptions would just be redundant, so artistic writing gets carried out amongst the other senses: how something tastes, smells, and feels. Food easily takes up two slots of this.

    There’s also the matter that it’s a simple topic that everyone can relate to and characters don’t have to go out of their way to get into a food-related scene—

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