Otomen are the best

Asuka is the kendo captain, and in the eyes of everyone in the school, he’s the coolest and manliest guy ever.

Cleaning gear: ON! (this reminds me of toradora)

However, he actually loves baking, sewing, knitting, fluffy stuffed animals, shoujo manga, etc etc etc etc etc. He’s also painfully dense, amazingly kind, and adorablely heads over heels in love with Ryo (a girl that’s delicate on the outside but very tomboyish on the inside, ). Throw in a playboy best friend who’s actually the author of his favorite shoujo manga who’s trying to hook him up with his crush (who’s  just as dense as Asuka), and we’ve got a hilarious story.

See this? Do you know what’s different about this? The GIRL is the one saying it! That’s SO refreshing!

Of course, the fact that all the guys are gorgeous doesn’t hurt. After a while, the story moves away from Asuka’s relationship with Ryo (the girl), and into more guys who have feminine hobbies (flowers, make up, etc). It kind of feels like the author is trying to stretch out the story, which is unfortunate.

Fortunately these filler-ish chapters are really amusing all on their own.

My only other complaint is the things that Asuka makes: they all look DELICIOUS!

I mean, just LOOK at this stuff! I’m so sad I can’t eat any of it (and it’d be such a pain to make it myself too, just thinking about the amount of time it’d take is killing me).

And all these handicrafts that Asuka makes are just…


Moral of the story: Be yourself, and get a boyfriend that’s more feminine than you are.


8 thoughts on “Otomen are the best

  1. “Moral of the story: Be yourself, and get a boyfriend that’s more feminine than you are.”

    If only that was true for real life, then I’d have a girlfriend by now. Actually, in that case, wouldn’t she be the ‘tomboyfriend’?

    Uh, forget it. I’ll stick with reading about romance manga than actually participating in romance.

      • Hell yes i’ll admit to this! Great manga, I wish it would update more faster.

        I’m a closet feminine boy, can’t admit it to my roommates/friends, otherwise I would never hear the end of it. 😛

  2. I’ve heard of this, but as of yet hadn’t actually read any of it. I still certainly plan to.

    Hellz yeah! Us tomboy girls rock! Though my hubby says be careful what you wish for.

    Because its all good and well marrying a woman who loves gaming as much as he does, but it sucks when you want to play video games and your wife is hogging the console XD

    He kept reminding me a I still have Brera’s VF-27 to build in order to attempt to get me to stop playing Katamari Forever the other night so he could get in some Bayonetta.

    But as absorbed in that game as I was it wasn’t going to happen.

  3. i don’t just want ANY tomboy girlfriend.

    i want a TSUNDERE tomboy girlfriend!

    no, i take that back. we can get rid of the tomboy.


    Aka. Senjougahara. Maybe without a brutal violence.

  4. Long-time lurker, but it’s my first time commenting here ^^


    THE GIRL SAID ‘I’ll protect you’?


    Now I have to read Otomen, even after ditching manga.

    I’m sick of the guy always saying that, especially after playing ALL the Starry Sky games. (otome games, not that great.)

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