This time, I decided to tackle Asahi, Yuuhi’s older sister. Once again, the story didn’t really pull me in until later. Unfortunately, unlike Yuuhi’s story, the epilogue of this story did absolutely nothing. In fact, it feels as unsatisfying as an anti-climax. The good thing is that the rest of the story was still good, and the ending song, Kiss, is amazing (I didn’t like White-lips’ songs for Moshimo Ashita ga harenaraba, but this was really touching). In fact, I think the song says more about the story than I can describe, so I’ll put it here, with the English lyrics

…is what I WANTED to say. But there wasn’t a full version of Kiss by White-lips ANYWHERE. I can find the other endings on youtube just fine, how come Kiss is so hard to find? GRAHHHHHH! (it used to be on nicovideo, but they took that down too)

You know what, just listen to another one of White-Lips’s songs and imagine what she actually sounds like.

Grah, that feels unsatisfying. Here’s the japanese lyrics to Kiss, if you want it (too deflated to translate it now)

指がらこぼれて落ちる 砂のように
あなだが大好きだがら この想いは
大事に どても大事に鍵をがけた
扉を開いて 優しいキスを下さい
その手で抱き寄せ 強く愛して下さい
朝の光が髪を濡らすまで ずっど離さないで
支えて 支えられて
苦しい時には 甘いさせて下さい
涙がこぼれそうな時には 胸を貸して下さい
弱さと不安に 押し溃されそうな時は
あなだの鼓動に抱かれながら おやすみを“`
目つめて下さい 名前を呼んで下さい
あなだの唇に愛を今 誓わせて下さい
扉を開いて 優しいキスを下さい
その手で抱き寄せ 強く愛して下さい


8 thoughts on “Asahi

  1. Kitto, Sumiwataru’s OP song and movie is so much more epic after playing through it, T_T. It’s also awesome just stand alone though.

      • It shouldn’t be long before we see a translation patch done on the Chinese side now…….according to their progress, they are way over 70% done. It will definitely be worth the wait!

      • At least there is a chinese translation for these lesser knowns. Now if only there was a translation for Soukou Akki Muramasa because that was epic. The use of old japanese was brutal, but I don’t think I’ll see an english translation for Muramasa or Kitto, sumiwataru before 2012 orz.

    • which let me clarify. usually the titles are “administrator, co-administrator, member”

      thought people have occasionally received new titles. this one is mine apparently, i laughed when i saw it on my name.

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