Evil blinking

I finally remembered how to make Gifs after all this time…

Yes, that is EVIL blinking. She’s plotting about how to take you down. Right NOW. Unfortunately, chances are the actual game won’t have any blinking…sob…

6 thoughts on “Evil blinking

  1. Draw whatever frames you need, open the animation window in photoshop, adjust the times and add in between frames if needed, save for web and devices.

    I look down on dating sims, because they’re stat builders and usually have no interesting plot whatsoever.

  2. making gifs is pretty easy~ as long as you’re not using 7 and below =3=;

    oh, and for some reason right before the animation loops, a white square appears on her face.

    It’s cute, but her arm looks a bit awkward~

      • Firefox, the one released about a week ago. Unless I’m being stupid and updated really late.

        Yes~ I use SAI. and a tablet. Sometimes I use pirated Photoshop CS3, but SAI runs easier and faster on my shitty computer.

        btw, if you like kitties and bunnies, don’t look.

        but this ALMOST justifies my hatred of cats.

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