Something doesn’t feel right…

Ah, I get it! It’s because the 2 girls don’t have animal ears!

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, it means you have yet to play Utawarerumono, which is pretty good and I’d recommend.


1 minute in, and they’ve pulled elements from Utawarerumono, TTT, Comic party, and of course, Toheart2 (don’t get me started on the references, they’re everywhere, from FF to Baldr Sky). Final dragon chronicle -guilty requiem- is really……… Something, I guess. Still, it’s nice to see the characters again. Ah, I’ve missed you, Yuma!

Her, I do not miss. I curse Anotherdays for ruining my image of her.

The one thing that is really bugging me so far is that it’s wide screen. That’s not much of a problem by itself, but then I’m wondering about whether it’s redrawn or not, cropped or not, etc etc etc. I can’t find my old DVD for TH2, and the only place where I can find a screen shot is over at bluemist, where the image is pathetically small and not enough to make a proper comparison…sigh…

Of course, once again, my computer’s too crappy, so all my thoughts about playing the 3D stuff just got thrown out of the window…


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