This is…well…really, really addicting

Yuki: Even if you don’t come back, Takaki-san, I’ll follow you to the end of the galaxy~

Me: Wow, I had no idea she was such a stalker. The original probably would have been more fun if they focused on that more.

See, the problem with these things is that going through the mazes is quite fun, especially after I got Charu’s magic to a high enough level (2 hits and I can kill a boss, and the chanting time’s pretty fast too). The game is also pretty funny, not just in the occasional chatter but also in its classes. Sure, you have your basic magician, knight, thief, etc, but there’s another class that’s quite…odd (awesome support, but still odd). We start out with maids, which can become a wandering poet or a dancer, which can become a singer, an idol (one of the idol characters wear the blue outfit from White Album), and the strongest class in the entire game: the school girl. The school girl can do everything besides some magic spells, use all the equipment, and is close to invincible. I’m starting to wonder whether girls from A11 are even human anymore (they definitely aren’t in toheart2, let’s face it, there’s no way that a random genius hacker with a gay twin sister will get stuck on a wall for you to rescue and then fall in love with you).

And seriously, this game has some of the prettiest monsters ever created (the monsters are half of the reason that I’m playing this game).

Now please excuse me, I’ll be back in a few days after I clear all the levels.

10 thoughts on “This is…well…really, really addicting

  1. Whoo hoo Ikuno go!

    Looks like an amusing game. I gather it’s not as long as say … certain other games that have RPG components.

    Now I see what has been occupying your time. Have fun!

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