A look at the art of Leaf/Final dragon Chronicles

To expand your harem!

Well, I cleared Final dragon chronicle, and turns out that the evil mastermind behind everything did it because she didn’t have her own dakimakura… Okay, I didn’t expect anything for the story, but this is a bit too……sigh…

So, let’s take a look at the art (that’s why I played it in the first place).

This is pretty much the only event CG that I can put up, because all the rest of them are either dangerously unsafe or have the possibility of scarring people’s minds forever. What? You don’t think that you’ll be scarred? Good for you. Click here. Now, let’s move on.

There are 4 character designers that worked on Toheart2, being Misato Mitsumi, Tatsuki Amaduyu, Takeshi Nakamura, and Hisashi Kawada. Each of them have their own styles, each of them have been the sole character designer for one of leaf’s games, and interestingly enough each of them have put different amounts of effort into this game. Let’s start with Misato Mitsumi, who, for a period of time, was my favorite artist.  She is one of the earliest artists working at leaf, and has designed the main characters of Comic party and Toheart2.

Konomi AKA the sweet younger sister/childhood friend/neighbor (mage)

Charu AKA the younger childhood friend's quiet friend (mage)

Yocchi AKA the younger childhood friend's other friend (warrior)

Can't remember her name AKA the doting mother of the younger childhood friend

Ilfa AKA the older sister robot maid

Ilfa AKA the older sister robot maid and final boss (rogue)

Harumi AKA the lovelove Robot maid (warrior)

Silfa AKA the tsundere robot maid

Yuma AKA the tsundere rival ojousama who's the iinchou's best friend

Favorite: the third to last magical girl outfit for Charu.

Least favorite: that second to last samurai outfit  for Harumi

As you can see, there are mostly color variations, but there are all different props/accessories, with one job being very different. (those unfamiliar with TH2 are shaking their head at how stereotypical the settings are, aren’t they?)

I’ll always remember her as the one who drew this image (Yuma is my favorite character in the Toheart2 franchise), though as you can see by the top image of Silfa in the box, she has gotten better at coloring while still retaining her style.

I’ve never really liked Tatsuki Amaduyu in the past (a major reason being that his/her work has a lot more fan service), though recently the art has been growing on me. S/he is also usually the person to design male characters and older women for Leaf’s games. Most of you have seen his/her drawings as the head designer of Utawarerumono.

Ikuno AKA the tsundere sickly younger sister of the class rep (rogue)

Manaka AKA the class rep/librarian responsible but clumsy older sister (mage)

Tamaki AKA the older sister of the stupid best friend/childhood friend who can do it all and is really scary (warrior)

Favorite: the second to last treasure hunter outfit for Ikuno

Least favorite: that last ninja outfit for Ikuno

I know, I know, you’re face palming at the character descriptions…

I’ll always be happy that s/he designed Ikuno, my second favorite character in the franchise (now that I think about it, if my third is Silfa, then they’re all tsunderes…orz) Again, not much of a change here.

The art of Takeshi Nakamura is always a bit of a gamble in my eyes. Sure, there are some good stuff, such as the remake of Tears to Tiara (the above image). But I’m worried about the drawings of White album 2 (for which s/he is the main designer). Of all the artists here, s/he is the one who worked the least on on the Toheart2 franchise, drawing only 3 characters (twins and a hidden character). S/he is definitely also the one who put the least amount of effort into Final dragon chronicle. I mean, just look at the stuff below. The last girl, Yuki, is still OKAY, but the twins look awful…It’s especially bad in (WARNING, NSFW)  this image. Sigh…there are so many things wrong with that…

The tsuntsun twin

Ruri, the tsun twin who's in love with her sister (warrior)

Sango, the dere twin who's a programming genius (yes, she made all those robot maids) (mage)

Yuuki, the daydreaming childhoodfriend that the main character forgot about (also secrectly a stalker)

Favorite : don’t have one

Least favorite: I dislike most of them, though that third to last magical girl outfit for Sango is especially bad…s/he should learn something from Maaryan’s outfit.

Is leaf an old enough company for me to say that they came up with the origins of so many cliches?

His/her style has actually changed a bit. Before, all the characters looked like the mage twin, but now many who look like the tsun twin are popping up. The extreme legs that can be seen in Yuki is also something more recent. In fact, there are such a difference between the twins and Yuki that I’m beginning to believe they’re drawn by different people (just look at their feet!)

Lastly, we have Hisashi Kawada, who is the artist who has worked the hardest on this game and has changed the most during his career of working at Leaf.

This is an image that he drew for Lucy, one of the heroines of Toheart2. This isn’t his earliest work (THAT would be the original Toheart in 1997), but it is already very different from what he drew for TH2’s remake To heart 2 Xrated, where he drew the 2 characters for a new storyline (see the previous image with the pink haired and blond girl). He is also the one behind a certain infamous loli image.

Karin AKA the genki girl obsessed with aliens(rogue)

Maaryan AKA the pushy loli sempai hellbent on making her friend the protagonist's girlfriend and creating a kingdom of moe

Lucy/Ruko AKA the quietly weird alien (mage)

Nanako AKA the annoying loli who keeps on peeing her pants (mage)

Sasara AKA the crybaby student council president ojousama with the divorced parents (warrior)

Favorite: The third to last gothic lolita outfit for Lucy

Least favorite: the fourth Egyptian outfit for Nanako

Do you know what I like about this artist? His legs. Well, not his own legs, obviously, but the way that he draws them really makes the characters feel solid without being too over the top. I love how he actually drew something different for each class, instead of just changing the colors, though once again, he surprised me once again by changing his art style.

Sasara before

Sasara after

Quite a difference, right? This new style will also be the one used for the remake of White album, which is going to be released this pay for the PS3. Unfortunately, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to play it, but hey, that’s what I thought about the Mai-hime game too, then it got translated into Chinese and has a fighting chance of being translated into English (I like to think that my review has something to do with it). Those who are interested in having mangagamer bring it over should see this, the comments are quite interesting.


3 thoughts on “A look at the art of Leaf/Final dragon Chronicles

  1. Kawata Hisashi is most definitely my favorite of leaf artists. The legs, like you said, and also the overall body proportions are well done. Also something about Kawata’s drawings don’t give off the fleshy/round feel of the previous 3 artists, or maybe it’s just the way he angles the characters, all of them are turned sideways at the shoulders.

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