Anyone have it?

Playing FDR has made me interested in Lucy again, which led to me seeing this figure. I’m SURE I’ve seen the drawing that this is based off of before, but I can’t find it anywhere. Does anyone have it or know where I can see it?


4 thoughts on “Anyone have it?

  1. i’m still trying to buy the Akiyama Mio figurine but it cost $100+ on ebay, some are selling it for over $200.

    It’s too painful for me to even consider.

    Still looking to buy it somewhere cheap, well, since I’ll planning to look for a job in Tokyo this summer, I’m definitely passing by the hobby shops around for figurines.

    if u want this Choux, i can get it if for ya and ship it from US, at least it’s much cheaper than international airline shipping from japan.

    • Heyyy…instead of figurines, can you pick up a few artbooks for me? If you can, that’d mean I can avoid American taxes, international shipping, AND Canadian taxes (which pretty much doubles the price).

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