It snowed


…In march.

…In Vancouver.

…This just doesn’t happen!

…This must be a sign!

P.S.: I love how danborru has tags for everything, moe imouto doesn’t even have a tag for snow.


6 thoughts on “It snowed

  1. Ok I snow that little snow drizzel thing was quite the annoyance so just as me and mom decided go take a walk to the library and stuff it was nice and sunny but As we left we didnt think we needed umberellas so we didnt take any and left we were almost half way there and it started to get cloudy so we went to the library spend some time there when we came out it was this ridiculous snow… after a few minutes after we got back home it cleared up and the sun came out and we were just like.. our damn luck! lol

  2. What snow?! Here at UBC it was just drizzle, or I thought I saw like 3 flakes, but it was pretty much drizzle until 1pm then it was blue and sunny, and now cloudy and ugly haha. Oh Vancouver weather.

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