This deserves its own post

Hard to believe it’s official though, it’s so different from the usual saber.


9 thoughts on “This deserves its own post

  1. nothing’s hard to believe anymore.

    i spent my entire day playing Heaven’s Feel.

    I’m a slow reader, I read word by word, but even so, I feel Heaven’s Feel is longer than Fate + Unlimited Blade Works combined.

    That and I knew Saber was like this from the magazine of the new Fate/Stay Night movie I bought at the stands when I was sitting in Norita.

  2. Fate/stay Extra sounds intriguing for the female protagonist option, I will go for yuri route, yes! The front clear part of Saber’s dress is a terrible idea though and blue still compliments her blonde hair better, other than that I like the costume.

  3. actually, i’ve been trying to download this picture onto my computer, but i keep receiving an html file instead of the picture.

    can you sent me a copy of this as well Choux? i like the high resolution feel of this one.

  4. for one thing, saber is ridiculously beautiful, so i don’t mind. XD

    btw, i manage to get the image, so never mind on that.

    though i was surprised to find out Sakura’s personality is so twisted after playing Heaven’s Feel. And I liked Sakura…

    she reminds me of that girl from the anime Shuffle!

    • Really? But I sent it to you already…gmail must have blocked it again, for some reason they really hate yahoo.

      I didn’t care about Sakura at all until she went into evil mode (the quiet caring ones with the big boobs elicit hatred from me).

      • her nice personality was kinda my stereotypical loving wife type.

        her twisted side make care about her more, but when i found out her desires for hurting Shirou, it went away…

        it went yondere… i am okay with tsundere, yondere is scary…

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