Gasp, an angel?

Still, CLAMP might be messing with us here. Just because Kobato was sent to earth by god and there’s an angel that looks just like her doesn’t necessarily mean that she’s actually an angel.

Speaking of angels, in a recent chapter we got a visit from Kohaku, buying something from the bear’s shop (I STILL have no idea what he’s selling other than that it’s edible). I had assumed that this story takes place relatively soon after the ending of wish, and that Kohaku is with the Shuichiro seen at the end of that story. However, it seems like this story is set in the distant past, where Shuichiro has already died 5 times, with Kohaku waiting for his next reincarnation each time. The way that she accepts all that is separating them, the way that she wants nothing other than his happiness, it was so touching, but still bittersweet.

And also bittersweet is Kobato’s realization that she loves Fujimoto. Okay, we all knew this was coming, but this is something that Kobato herself cannot accept. Her greatest wish involves her going away, which would mean that she cannot see Fujimoto anymore. With the deadline coming up (there IS a deadline, right? I’m getting the stuff from the anime and manga mixed up now), she has to choose between her sole reason for existence or the person she loves, and that’s something no one should ever have to do.

…I wish they would make Kobato a weekly manga, waiting every month is painful!


6 thoughts on “Gasp, an angel?

  1. Even if Kobato isn’t an angel in the manga, I’m pretty sure they’ll just make her one in the anime. The whole “Kobato doesn’t eat” thing kinda gave it away.

    • …if she SOUNDS like a she, if she LOOKS like a she, if she ACTS like a she, I call her a she, no matter what CLAMP says. But it’s pretty interesting though, Kohaku can be both a trap AND a reverse trap.


    This is the cake that the bear sells ^_^

    The only problem I have with Kobato being an angel is that CLAMP’s angels are genderless (, and Kobato is clearly a girl. Ioryogi’s angel really looks like her though, especially the hair, so I’m very confused XD;;;

    Gah, Kobato crying over Fujimoto really breaks my heart ;__;

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