Gumi, yup

That was the one and only thing on my mind. Gumi.

P.S.: If you’re wondering about why I’m spamming the blog, it’s because Asuseka is refusing to run on my computer and I’m too annoyed by that to play anything else, which led to me being very productive in other areas.

I even asked around the forums, they just tell me to turn it on in safe mode. Unfortunately, safe mode doesn’t help. Grr.


2 thoughts on “Gumi, yup

  1. Oh what happened with Asuseka, that it stopped running for you?
    It still works for me, but meeeeh. I’m considerably disappointed by it to tell you the truth.
    Finished Aoba’s route, but it took me like what, 10 days? Every time I launched the game, my interest just went down, due to several reasons, for example by Aoba’s drama. I was kinda hoping they are going to concentrate on the tension, and the conflict which a world’s end would produce, but alas, all I got in Aoba’s route was painfully low in this kinda stuff, and had craploads of scenes not interesting me.
    Then this whole drama stuff with Aoba, her change, and how the protag just suddenly blocks himself when she advances……………….. Just NG 😐 . Then, when finally the game stops being about schoollife and everyday life crap, it puts me back on the main menu…
    I’m really disappointed that the game ‘ends’ before the world’s end is happening. I mistakenly thought it’d play a larger role.

    Oh well, I started Minami’s route, which is like already a lot better, but my motivation to read it is still really low. I plan to finish it though.

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