Oh, the irony

A short while after the “Miku’s day” concert footage was posted online, Sega brought out the copyright machete. I have no idea why they chose to do so. These songs were created with the sole intention of being distributed freely through the internet. Someone explain to me the purpose of  slapping the word “copyright” on the product of a grassroots movement?


One thought on “Oh, the irony

  1. Grateful am I to the friend of mine who found a recording of the Nico broadcast which I’ve got on my flash drive at the moment.

    It annoys me too, especially since I’m seriously going to buy the DVD if it’s not horribly expensive and if I can figure out how to un-region-lock my laptop. I mean, it’s free advertising; I wouldn’t be so set on buying the DVD if I hadn’t seen parts of the concert and decided it was amazing.

    I suppose Sega does have the rights to the CG model and animation, but certainly not the music (except that silly Project Diva jingle they inserted at the beginning). *sigh*…

    It all gets weird when it comes to marketing user generated content… =_=

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