All those sickly girls… (A D.C.II To You review)

I just finished Da Capo II to you, and I have to say that Circus really loves their sickly girls. To those of you who don’t know, D.C. II TY is a collection of 4 short stories, kind of a fandisc, with stories that are canon and spinoffs.

The first story, hajisai (don’t quote me on this, I’m writing the romanji by ear), is about the past, and what happened to Yume and Otome’s mother, as told by a flashback of Yoshiyuki. She’s terminally ill, probably due to magic. The second story, setsugekka, is about how the 2 bands of friends met, as told by flashbacks by both Yoshiyuki and Coco (this is following the Coco end). The third story, mahiru ni furu ame, is about 2 best friends. One of them is terminally ill (again), though not due to magic this time, as the sakura isn’t blooming. Most people who have seen the CG or promotional material for D.C. II P.C. will know that the sickly girl will die and come back as a ghost later on (there was a ghost in the original D.C.P.C. too, hmm…). The last story, kikai no kokoro, is in an alternate universe where Yoshiyuki meets and falls in love with a maid robot which he names Sakuya. Of course, she starts having problems too so she might as well be another sickly girl. (and I STILL have no idea why maid robots are so popular)

…well, you would have picked that up from watching the opening video anyway…

I picked this up because A: it was translated into Chinese B: I really like the opening song and C: Asuseka is still refusing to run on my computer. I didn’t expect it to be the greatest thing ever, and for a few hours of entertainment it was pretty nice.

The art is good, as expected from Circus. There are more event CGs than most proper games, let alone fandiscs (and I have to say that 6 different CGs just for Mahiru lying on a bed is a bit excessive) . They even drew new character art, though the backgrounds leave quite a bit to be desired. The music is mostly reused from the original game, though I think there are a few new pieces/remixes from there. The programming was completely recycled, there are no choices (well, there IS one, but it’s purely for comedic effect).

As for the story, well, let’s just say that if you liked the original, you’ll like this too. Yeah, it’s cliched, somewhat stupid, not that deep, etc etc etc, but it does draw some emotions from you, and it’s a lot better than most. A recommended way to waste a few hours for all those Da capo fans out there.

…now, let’s see if I can get Asuseka working again…

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