Liar’s parade

One of my favorite miku songs ever, from the album Supercell. For the romanji lyrics, go to where I got the translation, deciphered melody. The lyrics are after the skip.

Hey, you said you’ll treasure me.
That summer day, our first kiss,
and even the warm sun
made me not understand this warmth of my body.

That wavering mirage,
where did it go?
Don’t leave me behind!
Although I want to forget…I can’t…
no matter what I do, I can’t.

Liar’s Parade.
Show me the proof of the words of love
you’ve said to me.
That day we can’t go back to
is now stained deep red…

But I gotta move forward, even if little by little.
It’s the end of Summer and I’m alone,
listening to the cries of cicadas.
Once they stop crying, I’ll feel at ease.

You laughed with me, you chose me,
and you also held me.
My memories slide by…so much that
I’ve come to hate them…

Liar’s Parade.
I remember, our hands
never clung to each other
despite knowing it’ll be over if we were to separate.

The sun falls beyond the sky,
there’s no way I can stop it…
all I can do is stare at it and accept it…
accept everything…

Liars’ Parade.
It starts every night, for the whole night,
it’s so loud I can’t sleep…
Your voice, your hand, your kiss,
and everything you’ve done with me,
will you also do it with that girl?
Deadlock Parade.
I love you so please,
fuck off…


One thought on “Liar’s parade

  1. Usotsuki no Paredo.

    I’ve had this song for quite a while! (The album is one of my many winamp playlists)

    Never was sure what the title actually was, until I saw this blog. Liar’s Parade huh.


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