17 thoughts on “Why?

  1. so who is the cyborg boy that reminds me of Orange-kun but look like Suzaku but with Nunnally’s eyes?

    Did Suzaku and Nunnally have a son and he went through some kind of major accident that made him a cyborg like Jeremia?

    Or is the magazine of the new Code Geass I bought on the shelf a fraud?

      • Some of them are extremely moe…while some of them are sort of disturbing….
        I love the one with the yellow haired guy and his servant(?)….though i don’t remember their names at all…
        Somehow I really don’t like the Roro and Lelouch thing….

      • It’s Kanon and Schneizel, and I can’t quite remember their relationship either (was Kanon a servant or a secretary?)
        Just out of curiosity, which of them do you consider moe?

  2. I don’t get the picture, but I’m assuming the person on the right is a man, or just Lelouch looks odd?

    Never seen the show.

    • Err…well…the person on the right, Rolo, played the part of Lelouch’s younger brother at one point, and he kind of has a odd place in the eyes of the fans.

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