Colors around Asia

Panamaman (Korea)

Kidchan (Malaysia)

Vofan (Taiwan)

Yuki Tatsuya (Japan)


17 thoughts on “Colors around Asia

  1. Ah, hey, an artist I haven’t seen before (Kidchan).

    Panamaman’s ability to create art out of just pure color amazes me every time.

    • Definitely. I can’t believe how s/he uses layers, especially how there’s often one stroke per layer (I think that the usual piece had 1000 layers or some other ridiculous number). S/he has a killer sense of fashion too, I’m impressed every time.
      I really like kidchan’s textures, and she creates a lot of fanart for anime and games (which is good, of course). The only problem is that most of her stuff on deviantart are in storage…sob…I want to see more…

      • Yeah, I played s4 for a while. That is one crazy design sense, but I love it.

        Also, your link to Kidchan now seems to link to the image itself. But it linked to the artist before…

      • S4?

        At first, the images led to the sites rather than the fullsized image, so I tried to change it, but it seems like I also changed the name links my mistake, oops. It should be working properly now.

      • s4 League is a game that Panamaman did the designs for. You can really tell that Panamaman was involved while playing it.

  2. is it just me, or does country actually has effect on the art itself?

    i mean i know art is directly whatever person wish to draw, and even though it is influenced, it wouldn’t directly represent.

    but somehow i was able to tell instantly which is Taiwan and Japan without seeing the text bottom.

    • I’ve seen that artist before, but I can’t say that I like him/her as much as you do. The colors seem too busy, so much so that it almost feels muddy in places, and not solid enough for me. I kind of get the feeling that every image has been scanned, and the image on the back is bleeding in and robbing some of the light. But I can’t say that I dislike the artist either, so it’s kind of an odd feeling…

      • Well, one of them’s in English, another one Chinese, there’s always google translate for the first one but unfortunately Pixiv doesn’t like online translation programs. 3/4 isn’t bad though, right?

      • ah, it took an entire day.

        btw, can i ask for a favor? where do u get the spring 2010 season anime list at? i notice u usually have a list posted and such. i’m curious of what’s good and stuff.

        (i based off my anime watching on your reviews actually, the only show i watch out of my own free will was Railgun. stuff like durarara and baka to test were because u posted them up.)

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