I didn’t expect that

So, I just finished sharin no kuni, yukyuu no shounen shoujo, and I have to say I was surprised.

First of all, Masaomi laughed. That’s amazing.

Second of all, I’m surprised that Kenichi was actually a random baby picked up by Saburou (did they mention that they weren’t related by birth in the original Sharin?).

Third of all, there are SO MANY similarities between Yuukyuu no shounen shoujo and Himawari no shoujo! The interrupted conversation at the top of the hill, the underground facility, the briefcase (though I’m kind of sure it’s not carrying lingerie this time, emphasis on kind of), etc etc etc. Masaomi even LOOKS like Ken.

I haven’t expected such an ending. Hm… I haven’t felt this way since Tsubasa reservoir chronicles ended, and I have no idea whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing.


3 thoughts on “I didn’t expect that

  1. Houzuki’s epilogue was the best part of the whole series in my opinion. This whole chapter makes an entire meaning to the original game’s ending, which frankly, is hard to grasp without this.

  2. Yes it was ambiguous, and all things considered, the odds weren’t in Hozuki’s favor, but for such a well-written and complex character, I would like to believe that at the very least, he went out in a blaze of glory, an epic exit so to speak.

    His last, final act was true to his feelings, and I believe he earned his redemption.

  3. I found it very interesting that he effectively mirrored his own exam with the one he made Ken’ichi undergo…it gave the entire story a different perspective.

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