A Toheart2 English patch

And to the surprise of absolutely no one, this time, it’s for Tama-nee and Tama-nee only. I have never understood her popularity (I like Yuma the best for story and Karin the best for personality), but I’m guessing her fanboys are rejoicing right now?  Yes, this is for the PC version of Toheart 2, which means, yes, it’s the 18+ version. This is a test patch though, and the common route isn’t translated. In other words, only Tama-nee specific events will be in English. I would suggest waiting for a complete patch myself. But those who don’t want to wait can get it here. Those curious about the other characters can get a Konomi or Manaka patch in the first post of the same thread.


10 thoughts on “A Toheart2 English patch

    • Do you remember how years ago there was a project that said they finished translation but then gave up and most people said it was a scam or something like that? I knew that other people started the project from scratch, but then I never heard anything from them so I thought it died too until I saw this on encubed.

      tl;dr: I forgot too.

      • Oh that I know. I meant the fact that an alpha 1c patch was released and you knew immediately. (Oh, encubed, that’s why.)

        If I didn’t read your post I wouldn’t have been aware of it that soon, is what I meant. [On a random note I am surprised!]

        Ironically I happen to be running To Heart when I encountered this. (Protagonist differential between 1 and 2 I find is quite big.)

  1. now that i finished F/SN and got all 5 endings, I was thinking of Ataraxia, but it seems you were playing the simplified Chinese version. Is there a traditional or english version of it out?

    Btw, I highly question F/SN when the title says “All the characters within this game is above the age of 18.”

    Then later at the very end, it was added out of nowhere that Illya is one year older than Shirou but looks like a loli apparently.

    Even than, no way they’re 18. Ok, maybe Shirou started school late a year. But Sakura who is a year younger?!? And most of all, Tohsaka is so smart she can only go skipping grades, not like dropping down 2 years.


    • I don’t think there’s a traditional version out, and the English version is less than a third finished (it’s on the tlwiki). But even the simplified isn’t totally finished, so you might want to wait (it’s been like 2 years since they updated though).

      The whole age thing is really weird for me too. For instance, in Da capo, there’s the 2 parts to the highschool. Since Yume is in the second grade of junior, that means she’s in 8th grade. EIGHTH GRADE. But, I think this can be explained with two things. First of all, the national age of consent is only 13, though it varies due to regional by-laws, which overrides the national law. Since we’re looking at a fictional city here, we have no idea just what’s legal. In most prefectures, the legal age is 18, hence the warning signs. Second of all, the school year is different from that in north America, so the character’s ages might be off by one year. And maybe all the characters have early birthdays, and maybe they’re all counting the Asian way (you know, you’re one year old when you’re born?).

      It’s really, really weird though, and especially odd in official English translations. They try so hard to make everyone 18 years old, we have stories like Yume miru kusuri, where the protagonist is clearly in highschool. However, since he has a younger sister, they made him a college student with an 18 years old (loli) sister. And there was a certain other game where the protagonist was a tutor to a shouta who’s clearly in middle school but was changed to a highschool senior even though the protagonist was actually a senior (and we KNOW parents don’t pay for tutors in the same grade).

      tl;dr: the world is weird.

      • Da Capo is amusing since you realize they’re in a junior high school. Yume being 12/13 basically.

        It’s like 14/16 is the new 18/21. There’s like, 15+ content now.

        Though really, if they made Da Capo all ages on English release, then the 18+ factor doesn’t come into play at all.

        I was thinking of an all ages visual novel, and since it has no 18+ content, the fact that it was high school (ages 15 – 18) wasn’t really problematic.

        Well, you don’t need direct 18+ content (HCG) to make it 18+, as there could be adult themes or whatnot.

        Of course on some of these games, you have easy cases of those “7 or 10 years ago this girl was the protagonist’s fiancee or first love”, and then you think that even if the protag was 15 – 18, subtracting 7 or 10 from that number is nuts. Well, let’s not go there.

  2. i grew up in the asian schooling system, and i’m aware that they’re in fact a year older due to birth, but if you add in the schooling system, then it makes even less sense.

    Asia: 6 years elementary, 3 years jr. high, 3 years high.

    US/Canada: 5 years elementary, 3 years jr. high, 4 years high.

    So technically if in Japanese standard that Sakura is 1st year high school, she would be 15~16 (+1 for birth) at most.

    Tohsaka I can pass as an 18 year old if she started school a bit late being busy as a mage.

    The rest is just bleh. I mean being this is the only VN I ever played, I’m sure there are other iffy ones. Btw, recommend something good you really liked for me. F/SN was too much explanation and the description were kinda dull at some point and by Heaven’s Feel, it’s the same adjective and just got me bored. If you have something you like and think is good, feel free to recommend, I’m actually interested in your hobbies since I never even thought of VN until visiting here.

  3. Are they still working on an english patch? I haven’t seen anything updated on the patch website since 5/26/2010. The char stories are great and i’d love to be able to finish them. So far i’ve unlocked the 4 they have in english and tried on a 5th but I don’t know any japanese at all so completely lost.

    • From what I can tell, the entry at novelnews was updated just last month. There are still only 4 routes translated, but it’s definitely still on going so the only thing to do is be patient.

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