Why do they always do this?

My mother and grandfather all practiced acupuncture at some point in their lives. In fact, my mother still has her clinic. I know what the needle looks like, which is why I twitch a little every time someone pulls out a gargantuan needle that they say is from Chinese medicine or something of the sort. It is fine in this instance, because needles that thick were used a bit more commonly back in the day (it’s almost unheard of in this century, and I still have to place emphasis on the BIT).

That aside, the current arc of Kuroshitsuji is turning into quite an interesting murder mystery, with a mood that isn’t unlike a work of Agatha Christie. If I had place bets on the murderer though, I’d place it on wordsmith. Sure, he seems to have a perfect alibi, but he’s always checking the body, and the clock that set the time of murder could easily have been set up beforehand. I’m looking forward to seeing the explanation of the murder~

P.S.:  Tanaka is awesome.


3 thoughts on “Why do they always do this?

  1. >Agatha Christie

    Hell yeah! Old ladies solving murders!

    Also, it’s always the person you least expect (rare exceptions), at least in western murder mysteries. With Japan? Who knows.

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