It can’t be helped…

Is a series of interesting web comic strips by Doomfest, a seriously interesting artist (and from the states too).

Aside from drawing, it seems like Doomfest is also a big fan of VNs, and has even penned and drawn a VN him/herself. The above image is from the next VN that s/he’s drawing for, Cradle song (which has caught my attention with its interesting premise since a long time ago). This is where I start praying for a time machine so I can get a copy of cradle song from the future and play it…. (P.S.: there are a whole bunch of other people involved with the project too, and I’m cheering for all of them! Sorry about not being clear before)


Despite, the not-so-cheery name, Doomfest is an artist with some really fresh colors, and I’m definitely looking forward to his/her works in the future.

(gah, it feels so odd to not know someone’s gender)


3 thoughts on “It can’t be helped…

  1. He’s a male. 😀
    I totally love Doomfest (even his livestreams are interesting, which is often rare in artists).

    Patience, Choux, patience! Or get me a copy from the future too. <.<;

  2. Hey, I’m the guy who started Cradle Song, and I help Doom write the comic strips.

    I noticed the link to Cradle Song is broken, so I’ll post it here.

    There are a lot of people working on that project besides Doomfest, don’t forget them please. :V

    And I’m glad to hear you are looking forward to it!

    (Doom is totally a bro)

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