Soft and cute

Haruse (I think)

This is the picture that inspired this post, which I just happened to see by chance today. I love just how simple and adorable it is (and now I’m hungry for some mushrooms). Unfortunately, I don’t like the rest of his drawings quite as much…


I can never miss a chance to post a Putidevil picture! Ever since I fell in love with her drawings flipping through the pixiv girls collection, I keep on being impressed again and again with that unique style and the beautifully soft colors. She has also been doing some experimenting, such as in this picture, which really feels like one of Shimeko’s works.

(Gou? I think?)

This is also an artist that I’ve only found out recently. S/he usually draws darker pictures, such as this,  but the playful feeling of this image really feels natural (is this about mother goose? I’m not too familiar with fairytale). I also love the subtle use of textures, especially in this picture.


And here’s the obligatory vocaloid picture (is that Pikachu?) This was one within the flood of birthday pictures for the Kagamine twins from last year, and it is oh so sweet. This artist never skimps out on the cute stuff, with pictures such as this earning “awww…”s all around. Now, it’ might be a coincidence, but it seems like I really like artists that are similar to Shimeko (maybe it’s just watercolors having a comeback?). S/he (probably a she) has also drawn one of my favorite pajama pictures of all time (yes, yes, it’s vocaloids again).


9 thoughts on “Soft and cute

  1. Pikachu. 😀 And Pichu. And TakoLuka. o.0;

    I really like that first artist. I have seen the mushroom before but not their website or any of their other work. o/

  2. oh, very important question that’s been getting to me.

    lineart is usually put on the very top layer, i understand that. but for those paintings that doesn’t have lineart borders, i assume that they paint ontop of the lineart, so i tried it.

    spent over 9 hours, in the end i got nowhere and quit. how do you paint over the lineart when you don’t even know where you are painting?

    • Well, there’s already lineart underneath, so it’s not like you can’t get the clear idea, period. But I have no idea how those people do it either. Even when you watch one of those recording videos, I’m just going “HOW?” the whole time…

  3. i mean i understand u have a lineart underneath, but the moment you actively paint “over” the lineart, you just see a block.

    let me show u what i mean:

    in this top one I tried to do two methods, one color part by part like cell shading. two is to paint like a semi-transparent layer over it so i can see what i’m painting over.

    but then it doesn’t work out, so i had to fill it solid with a base color, but that didn’t work out well either because then I only see a big block that shapes like the face without knowing where I placed the eyes or nose or even where the armor lace is or the design of anything because the entire thing was covered.

      • well, when i paint over the lineart, say face. then the lineart for the nose, eyes, mouth, eyebrows…etc are all covered. and sometimes it might even go over the edge and we won’t realize cause the lineart is underneath.

        so with a solid color looking like the silhouette of the face (face is the only example i can pull out right now), how do we know where to draw the rest of the features according the to the lineart?

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