I love April First

A COMPLETELY TRANSLATED ENGLISH VERSION OF NARCISSU SIDE SECOND AKA ONE OF MY FAVORITE STORIES. EVER. Well, I got impatient last year and got the Chinese version, but since there’s a long weekend and all I’m going to sit down and go through it a third time. If this is your first time contacting the series and you have cried with a VN before, prepare a box of tissues beside you. I cried more in this than in Air and Kanon combined.

There’s a teaser patch for Eden*. ’nuff said.


6 thoughts on “I love April First

  1. my April Fool only had one prank played on me.

    1 AM in the morning.

    saw a file listed as “Moe! – 01” and I knew instantly what it was.

    I clicked and downloaded. Saw file transferring “K-On!! – 01”

    Then once I opened it after DL, it turned out to be a hentai. Turned it off instantly.

  2. I thought it was a VN-community April Fools joke at first.

    Narcissu does have one advantage over the usual industry-nakige : skipped the humor and went straight to the drama.

  3. Incredibly awesome about Narcissu, I had given up on it coming out
    And too bad they took down Eden* since it was put up on the one day I didn’t check NNL…

  4. It was quite a treat to see that Narcissu 2 had been translated, though I have yet to shed tears to any nakige aside from Planetarian (and even then it was just some “manly” moist eyes). I can hope.

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