Start small

First drawing of (hopefully) many. I’m trying to practice coloring chibis (really like her hair). I got a cold yesterday (well, I STILL have it). I think it’s the universe’s way of telling me that I shouldn’t quit eroges.

…crap, I just noticed that the layer with the butterfly and the spoon’s colors isn’t showing…


7 thoughts on “Start small

  1. Your accuracy in using tablet to draw lines is brilliant. I have hard time keeping lines where they’re suppose to be, I guess I just lack the hand-eye coordination when using tablets.

    I’m still to this day better with traditional pencil and inking, but I am trying to get better though.

    Do you do any traditional drawing]s by any chance?

    Also, I saw your new drawing on your deviantart, I really liked it, but I don’t think I’m able to give any constructive comments on it seeing my sense in things aren’t as good as you.

    On a side note, after stalking this blog for nearly a year, I finally made my own blog. I kinda just copied the format of this blog for now… >___< Here it is, nothing on it yet though…

    • I have loads and loads and loads of stuff with pencil and paper which outweighs the computer at, like, 2000 to 1 or something. But they don’t look finished, so I almost never upload them.
      It’s nice to see your blog (I really like the circular rooms bit).

  2. I need to get practicing on my chibi style orz. It’s an invaluable tool but I’m not sure which artist’s style I should learn from.

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