Saved the best for last, phew

My love for 健 速 has been restored. Itsuki Aoba seemed like another happy tomboy, but oh WOW was her story good. I haven’t been this into a path since…the imouto path in Moshiraba. I can’t believe it’s been so many months already.

Plot in short: Aoba likes Subaru. She has ALWAYS liked Subaru. Butthat he broke a promise to her because his father’s osananajimi (who’s also his  neighbor and a motherly figure to him), Hikari, died. Afterward, Hikari’s daughter, Yuuhi, clung on to Subaru and her sister as a replacement for her mother, and Subaru quickly became Yuuhi’s caretaker, leaving Aoba behind. Desperate, she thought of the only that she couldn remain with him: to become a tomboy, his “buddy”, because that’s the only thing that Yuuhi wouldn’t possibly do. This determination was further fueled by the fact that Aoba’s mother left the family for a lover, and Aoba didn’t want to become “that woman”, not even in looks.

Subaru has treated Aoba like a buddy from the beginning, so he had no idea that anything was wrong. So, because no one stopped her, Aoba lived up to Subaru’s expectations, becoming his best friend, but never (in her mind) going near yuuhi’s place in Subaru’s heart.

This would have continued on forever, but then the governments announced that the world would be destroyed within mere months. Aoba treated the entire thing with complete and utter rejections, and Subaru made things worse by trying to cheer her up, saying that she’s his “buddy”. In complete and utter despair, and realizing that putting on the tomboy persona would do no good any longer, she gave it up.

And switched to an ultra feminine persona to seduce him forcefully. This creeped the hell out of me (remember that first little of Higurashi? This was like that first little bit of Higurashi). This was also where I was extremely impressed with the seiyuu. Her voice was perfect. Before, she was perfectly into her tomboy role, but a ever so slight shift in her tone and speech patterns (like saying Ohayo gozaimasu instead of ohayo), and she’s bewitchingly feminine.

The problem? Subaru’s more disturbed by her “new” personality than I was. What’s worse, he completely rejected her love for him because he just realized that he only cared for the tomboy persona. Having lost the love of his life, he decided to distance himself from everyone, using Aoba as an excuse. This way, he reasoned, it’ll be less painful when everyone dies.

Watching him being a lifeless puppet, watching him being distant, all of this was taking its toll on Aoba. But Subaru didn’t notice it. He couldn’t notice it.

Finally, Aoba yelled some sense into him and made him realize that the girl he loved was right in front of him. Then Subaru knocked some sense into her, and made her realize that the person that he would have fallen in love with wasn’t either of her persona, but just herself. He tells her he loves her.

-Insert some happy gushy adorable love dovey couple mush here-


Hands down, my favorite character in Asuseka. Aoba forever!


5 thoughts on “Saved the best for last, phew

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  2. Hers was the first (and as of writing only) route I completed and I didn’t really like it to be honest. I agree she creeped the shit out of me when she changed, but that’s about all the things I enjoyed in it.
    Then again I expected asuseka as something really different.

    Good luck with Ayakashibito (I started playing it slowly myself too).

    • Hmm…Aoba really resonated with me personally, which is probably why I like her so much. The whole thing about gender stereotypes and people’s expectations really got to me. Plus, I’ve always had a soft spot for yanderes (or those who are close to one).

  3. This looks like an incredibly good game actually. I’ve been into visual novels ever since you started posting about them. Currently looking for this one (Chinese or English subs): No luck so far.

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