That felt short

Maybe it’s because I played it over a longer length of time than the routes before, but Minami’s route in Asuseka felt extremely short. There was also this sense that nothing much happened.

Even the ending song sounds worse than the others… Which is too bad, because personality wise, I thought that Minami was the most interesting at first, and I was really looking forward to her story when she said that she didn’t care about dying (it was because she was sickly to begin with). I wish that they took the story in a different direction, but I guess there was a need to go through the different types of conflicts.

Hmm…only one route to go, then Ayakashibito (I need a bit of action now). Yes, yes, I know what I said, but my cold convinced me that it’s there’s some higher power trying to tell me that I shouldn’t stop playing eroge.


One thought on “That felt short

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