Bungaku Shoujo 1

I thought that Bungaku shoujo would be an odd book. I mean, the girl EATS stories, that’s one of the weirdest things I’ve ever seen! What I didn’t thought was that it would be so GOOD. The way that the people come together, their relationships, their struggles, the way that everyone’s mind is twisted and warped by their memories of each other…it was absolutely wonderful. The tension and mystery was also top notch, and when that cup fell down there was this sense of power that just washed over you.

Ah… I kind of understand why Tooko eats the books now…

The only problem is that I don’t understand most of the literary references…sob… I need to go and get Ningen Shikaku.


8 thoughts on “Bungaku Shoujo 1

  1. ah. If it’s okay, could you show me some sites in Chinese you often visit? (I haven’t used Chinese in 5 years, I dunno how much I’ll be able to browse through.) It’s hard for me to search stuff in Chinese mainly because I don’t know what stuff are called or how to type Chinese.

  2. ehh… i’ve wanted to read that. Did you know that there’s a movie coming out soon (may 1, if wiki is reliable in this instance). Fansubs probably wont be out till fall at least tho…

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