Feels nostalgic, somehow…


4 thoughts on “Hmm…

  1. btw, i know you have a great sense of anatomy and all, but i’m sure you’re tired of my flattery. however, this one kinda struck me as familiar for awhile now, and i can’t remember where i seen it before, now i remember.

    did you use this one as a reference?

    • Well, I actually don’t think I have a good sense of anatomy. Maybe average?
      I wasn’t referencing it (I never upload things that I ref). However, I have that saber image up on my wall, so maybe it just floated up from my subconscious when drawing? lol

  2. personally i like how you draw shoes.

    i have trouble with feet and shoes in general, i tried looking up feet tutorial, but something always seems off, like kinda flat when i do it.

    her left foot is the part i like the most of this drawing, that would take me the most time i believe.

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