My bromance senses were tingling…

This is the sparkly guy, AKA the zombie. He has nothing to do with my bromance senses, I just wanted to bring up that I haven’t seen roses that sparkly since Otoboku. The guy on the right is the reason for my bromance senses. He’s a quiet guy and the student council president who’s really good at sword fighting and had a hotblooded duel with the protagonist. Any you KNOW that most bromances start from hot blooded duels. Sadly, my senses has failed me. He can transform into a girl (the one on the right), therefore disqualifying from from being able to form a true bromantic relationship… How unfortunate. I mean, it’s cute that the guy will bring a bento to the protag, but then the girl’s voice pops out of thin air and the whole thing feels off.

Anyway, Ayakashibito’s pretty interesting, though I do get bored here and there. The fact that the changes in atmosphere comes jarringly doesn’t help. Well, that, and the fact that the uniform shows the girl’s bellybuttons. I am firmly set against cropped tops when there’s no shirt underneath. And this time it’s especially bad because I can’t decide on whether I like the art or not.

Also, this eye catch is as annoying as hell.  Every time it shows up, I want to kill something.


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