Okay, what?

My computer doesn’t let me use the internet properly for a few days, and when I come back I realize there’s a saimoe for blogs. It feels kind of odd to be in the Aniblog tourney though, since there’s isn’t much anime stuff here… Also, so many comments mentioned that they voted for CI because we update more than Lolisalad… I sense little love for content…Ouch…

I voted for Loli Salad, of course. Not only are their music posts interesting, but anyone that was looking forward to Gosick so much must be awesome (sadly, the second novel wasn’t as nearly as interesting as the first, I yawned through it). Anyway, since this is a popularity contest and CI’ll be wiped out soon, it’s a good idea to just enjoy it while it lasts and keep an eye out for the scores. The contest just started, and you can still vote for the very first round. Go, go, go, this’ll probably be interesting. On a non-related note, the Otaku elimination game hasn’t updated in over a month. Hm…


7 thoughts on “Okay, what?

  1. Voted for you guys cos I’ve been following and reading your blog since around the middle of last year.

    Keep up the good work, I’m rooting for ya!

  2. There was no doubt that I was voting for Calamitous Intent. It’s one of the first blogs I ever read and cared about. o/

    OEG is dead. =3=

  3. You shouldn’t worry about it too much tought, like you said it’s just a popularity contest,we read you for your visual novels reviews and your drawings and all not because it’s cool.

  4. Wow, you’re cool, though I don’t think anyone doubted that. You’re humble and kind whilst still being logical and retaining self-respect–and I truly respect you for that.

    I can see your point about “voting by content,” but I do think that there are also some decent, thoughtful posts along with the short, whimsical ones. (I really liked your relatively recent post on Aria–well, maybe it’s not so recent–as it portrayed your feelings well without all the extra baggage.)

    It’s quite disappointing that you say this blog will be wiped out soon; I was really looking forward to some more of your posts. Oh well, I guess all good things cannot last…But don’t think that we’ll go easy on you in the next round! 😉

  5. I voted for you, mainly because I like the titles and length of your posts. Simple, to the point, and mainly just a picture and a caption. Who else does that? Not many people. Originality kicks ass.

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