White album 2 IC

She's a karaoke fanatic

Because the eye catch in Ayakashibito annoyed me too much, I thought I’d take a look at White album 2 -Introductory chapter-. Of course, I just HAD to pick the one other title with a more elaborate eye catch than Ayakashibito, didn’t I? As far as I can tell, this is going to be like Ef, with the Introductory Chapter set approximately ten years after the original White Album (~2008) and the Closing chapter set in place 3 years after (~2010).

Since it’s white album, there’s a big focus on the love triangle and the music. I’ve only gone through a little bit, but there has already been a cover for White Album (the original game op), which was nice, and Shin Ai (Mizuki Nana’s first opening to the original anime), which does not do the song justice. As for the art…well…the backgrounds are okay, though not the best Leaf has ever done. The character art quality fluctuates, and there’s a lot of anatomy problems, especially with the hands. There’s a lot of effects, and even when I choose to play them instantly the eye catches still annoy me (eye catches should be banned from all eroges, forever).

As for the story, well, we have the two guys who wrote Parfait chocolate second brew, and so far it’s pretty nice, so I’ll have to see. There is only one thing I’m wondering about though. I heard that this Introductory Chapter is really short and also linear, so I’m curious as to the length of the Closing chapter, along with how many paths it’ll have.


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