I am SO glad that they used a ugly looking CG for this. If the scene actually looked cute and adorably romantic it would have been just too unfair.

IDIOT. MORON. There are 300000000 reasons that Haruki shouldn’t be doing this. And only 2 that he should. Do you know what those 2 are? The first is that he thinks Touma has no feelings for him, and the second is that he thinks since he can’t be with Touma and Setsuna just confessed, he should just go ahead and date Setsuna anyway. At this moment, there are few things I want to do more than to be able to go inside the story and give the guy a slap in the face.

Oh, it is PAINFULLY obvious that Touma loves him. Set aside her coodere personality, the fact that Haruki’s the only one that she actually actively talks to, and the fact that everyone other than Haruki has noticed just how much she cares. If he only listened to her! “…How can I not love it? How can I be glad? How can I not feel happy? Is asking the only way that you can realize something like this? ” And THEN, after he goes and breaks Touma’s heart with the news, he has the nerve to think to himself: “I…from the first moment I saw you, I’ve loved you. Though I promised not to  keep secrets from you, this secret has been hidden at the bottom of my heart since the beginning. I won’t hold those feelings for you anymore, so can you forgive me? Hey, can you forgive me, Touma?”


At the same time of hurting someone else, I hurt myself...

Another thing that I cannot forgive is that he’s responded with Setsuna’s confession even with these feelings.  The bit of sympathy that I have for her, while paling in comparison for how much I’m supporting Touma, is still enough for me to believe that she deserves better. Granted, Setsuna knew what she was getting into, but still, I feel sorry for her right now. Guh, this is all because Haruki’s an idiot who’s too good at doing incredibly stupid but romantic things. Crap, even with all this, I can’t being myself to dislike his character. Gahhhhh…

So…yeah. I’m really enjoying White Album 2. It goes at a really nice pace, and I haven’t enjoyed a love triangle like this for a LONG time now.


6 thoughts on “GRAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

  1. Hey Choux, did you get that patch from Sumisora? For some reason, my virus scan insists the patch being infected. Is it just some false positive or did you encounter the same problem?

    • No, dumb male protagonists just make it easy to write. Polygonal melodrama is perfectly doable with intelligent main chars once you put some work into it, or at least have some more sensible misunderstandings (looks @ Toradora again).

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