No it is not

"This is common sense in Canada."

No, Kazusa, it is NOT customary in Canada to eat doughnuts drenched in maple syrup, no matter how much you want it to be.

This is a story that definitely warrants a second play through. First, you can appreciate things again. Second, there are new scenes that only appear after you’ve cleared the game once (you don’t have to start from the beginning, saves still work). The more I look at the story, the more I support Kazusa. She’d better have a good comeback after the time skip. The writer always puts more effort into the “True” heroines (whom doesn’t have to be the “main” heroine, as seen with Rikako in Parfait chocolat second brew). And I’m thoroughly optimistic that Kazusa’s route in in the Closing chapter will be fantastic.

I loved the “twist” at the end. Full review tomorrow. Kazusa forever!


6 thoughts on “No it is not

      • Ah, that. I wasn’t sure because Canada doesn’t have something that’s quite like the DMCA, and it’s especially bad with foreign works, though nohing can stop a civil suit if a company went for it. But I’m not that familiar with the legal process. I never really saw the point in that whole thing though. There was a need for a product, and if Minori didn’t care about it until someone else tried to fill it then they have no right to whine.

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