THIS is how they’re promoting Bungaku Shoujo? I am appalled. Bungaku shoujo doesn’t focus on moe fluff, but much more on death, sin, and people with REALLY messed up personalities (a man who starved a perfectly innocent girl for days repeatedly and drove her to insanity, a guy who wants nothing more than a girl who will love him enough to kill him, a girl who sees nothing worthwhile in life, another girl who had a “I’m sorry” moment in the rain that reminded me too much of Higurashi, etc etc etc).

And Nanase’s hair isn’t supposed to be THAT orange!


9 thoughts on “Lies!

  1. Even just comparing this to previous fanart surprised me…I mean…polar opposites?
    Brings up thoughts about the fanservice industry of anime…but I don’t really want to touch that debate. 😀

  2. Well you can’t really sense the nature of the content with that kind of image.

    If this is supposed to be an attention getter, then the content sinks in, then it’s supposed to work perhaps.

    How would you have preferred it displayed? (I mean certainly I see your point, but at the same time, what would you prefer to be displayed?)

    • Something that looks like this or this.

      What’s worse is that it’s Production IG. They made some of the most expensive pieces of 2D animation ever. And now they throw out this swimsuit picture.

      • Ooh, those examples are quite nice.

        Granted it’s also impossible for it to be as an anime drawn image.

        Let’s hope the uh … “chill” atmosphere is animated well? I’m thinking snow somehow.

        Well, as long as the content doesn’t end up like that, then this promotional image isn’t an issue. It is probably misleading though.

  3. I wouldn’t think too much about it, posters like this are just standard Megami fare, regardless of the actual nature of the series depicted.

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