Ef is released. Actually released.

What’s a NNL release without a little drama, right? It’s only a lite version (though I’m pretty sure it includes a completely translated script), which means that a delux version is coming later, which will have more good stuff . The one that I’m focusing on is all the new CGs from the PS2 port, which just got released the day before, because I’ve already gone though Ef. Though I have to kind of go “Seriously? MORE CGs? Are you SURE you need more?”. You can get the instructions for the patch here. Hint: if you don’t get their hint, the channel is on irchighway. If you don’t get that either then just use google. Do not click on the Ef link, that leads to a 404. If you just want a patch go here.

By the way, you can see the opening vid for the PS2 Ef here. It’s a nice song, but it seems like they didn’t have the money to do a new vid. Don’t worry, the port isn’t handled by Minori, so the site doesn’t block us.

Too bad the Eden* project isn’t going as smoothly. Minori was stupid for doing what they did, but meh, it’s their loss anyway.


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