“Ah, you’re such an airhead. You really can’t do anything without me, can you?” Kira kira kira… This isn’t really BL, by the way, just something they put on to attract customers to their restaurant.

I had no idea why I was playing Moonlight Cradle. Now I know. I had a rare but brilliant flash of psychic flash into the future which told my subconscious that the above scene would play out.

This was followed by an even more epic scene. Natsuki has a special ability: to throw a spoon at her brother with deadly precision when she gets mad. And when she sees the above scene, she gets her brother (the seme one), her boyfriend (the uke one), and narrowly misses her father (who was playing the rival role).  HOWEVER, a dodge isn’t enough to deter Natsuki, oh no sir. She calls on her mother, who sends a spinning spoon from heaven and gets the dad right on the jaw.

Now that I think about it, I have an extra wooden spoon lying around. Maybe I should practice throwing it…


4 thoughts on “THIS IS THE REASON!

  1. I don’t remember encountering that at all.

    Oh wait that’s probably because I ran Estella and Midori’s after stories only.

    Have fun with spoon practice. You’re more likely to have a pen nearby you though.

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